Loft Conversion


This is a perfect way to use your loft space to add another bedroom, playroom or office to your home this is a great way to not only add value to your home but save money on stamp duty and relocating.


The Building Company has the experience and expertise to make the absolute maximum use of your loft space, being based in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas we know the local planning regulations , e.g. Dormer windows not front facing a public highway, maximum volume limits depending on the type of dwelling, terraced, semi-detached.  Luckily since 2008 the rules changed and it is possible to have both a ground extension and loft conversion including dormer windows to make the absolute most of the space available.

Local councils will expect the materials to closely resemble the existing appearance and we make sure this is the case, just as important is the internal design, maximum head room and to make it a versatile and usable space, so not just for a spare bedroom and that's all it can be, people live in their homes for years and so what might be a teenagers bedroom now may be changed into a cinema room or study once they have flown the nest

we are very proud to say The Building Company is the best place for loft conversions in Hertfordshire.