The Building Company specialises in interior refurbishment of any room in your home, structural remodeling, change the function or look of any existing room or space in your home.

The Building Company originally began as The Refurbishment Company, but we were so good at that we expanded to all aspects of building work, but this is our passion and specialty to completely reconfigure a room in your existing home.  For example you may want the cupboard under the stairs turned into a downstairs toilet and washroom, change 2 rooms into one in your classic Victorian style home which still has a separate sitting, living and dining room and make a stunning larger lounge or kitchen.  You've probably looked into doing it yourself but then seen all the horror stories of 'load baring walls', asbestos in that stippled plaster, etc...

We have the experience and expertise to move facilities such as gas, electric, water, waste into the room so you can choose to use a room for whatever you please.  We have expert designers who can provide amazing modern, contemporary or traditional styles to complement your existing lifestyle and home.

We can change your existing home to suit your lifestyle and we know no boundary in home refurbishment in Hertfordshire and North London.